Hit on me

by Nic Olson

I embedded an invisible gadget on my blog that allows me to see who is looking at my page, where they are from, how long they looked at it, how they found my page, how they left my page, what internet service provider, operating system and browser they were using, what resolution they looked with, what search engine best highlights my blog, and gives me a world map with the location of each view. A glorified hit counter.
All through the beauty of IP addresses. I think there is a website that shows you how to block your IP address, if you are creeped out that I am watching you. I actually can’t see who is looking, but I can see from which city, and I can make an educated guess as to whom is reading this from Brooklyn, NY. (just some lonely art student).

Most of the page views are from people using Google or Yahoo or Bing to look up things that I have jokingly posted about, like ‘The Meaning of Del Potro‘ or photos of Novak Djokovic (which I stole from someone else’s blog) or people wishing to learn about how to make ‘rice balls’. They think this blog is a credible source of any useful information, they come to it for less than five seconds and leave angry and disappointed.

For some reason I started to take this blog system a bit more serious. I have realized that a handful of people have used this medium to become famous, as with YouTube, Myspace or some nudey website, and thought that I might have a chance. With my nudes, that is. I have since withdrawn that hope, still write often, and use my blog as a hopeful home of sharing ideas, music and poor writing. I am still committed, just not expecting.

For a while I considered Monetizing my blog, which means adding content relevant advertisements that pay me every time someone browses them, or that is what I’ve understood. I considered it quite heavily. But selling out isn’t cool, just ask Green Day. My blog is pure and unadulterated.

Just thought you’d like to know how noble I am. Keep mindlessly viewing this blog. It brings up my morale and boosts self esteem. Make it your home page and force yourself to look at it daily. Then send me what your IP address is so I can make a note of it.