The Hall of Garbage

by Nic Olson

I have had more than one job where ‘hauling garbage’ could be written under the ‘responsibilities’ title on my resume, but instead I would probably write ‘workplace housekeeping’ or ‘managerial duties’. For some reason hauling people’s wasted fast food cups and old pairs of shoes, or smashed drywall and trampled carpet, or stale donuts and rock-hard bagels isn’t highly respected in the world.

I am not embarrassed about any of these jobs. Nor am I particularly proud of any of it. Thinking about it doesn’t make me want to dive into school so I can avoid any kind of garbage hauling job in the future, but it doesn’t make me want to commit to a career in the garbage industry. Here’s why.

I saw one of my top three favourite bands tonight, and just arrived home. It is 3:12am. I am hauling garbage but living the life. I have been hauling garbage for three years straight but have reached a point where I am one hockey game away from achieving pretty much everything I’ve wanted to do in my life. More or less everything I’ve truly wanted to see, I’ve seen. Everything I’ve wanted to do, I’ve done. There are still things on the ‘to do’ list, but I’m only one away from ‘the imperative’. One away from the grand prize. And I can say I did it all through hauling garbage. That’s why it’s legit. That’s why I’m not self-conscious of my poor jobs, or lack of ‘ambition’. Because I’ve done what I needed to do, and didn’t even have to sell my soul.

If you want a real hall of garbage just go here.