Highway to Hedonism

by Nic Olson

You’ve got to do what you love. Up until recently I thought this meant occupationally. I thought this meant that you need to find a job and learn to love it or convince yourself that you love it. I always thought that what you loved to do would pay the bills because what you loved to do was your occupation, career. Or that there were the lucky few that had the opportunity to get a salary for what they actually loved to do, like a professional athlete or sleazy film actors.
But over the past few days and over the upcoming week I have found/ will further find what I love and I didn’t decide I love it, nor did I come to love it because it offers financial stability, but it chose me. I’m on an STC bus right now and there is free WiFi. I’m somewhere between Dundurn and Davidson. The sun is rising and the enormous bus windows allow me to see for days to the East and the West.

I sat in a band’s van last night for ten minutes waiting for Tom the GPS to escort us to 2480 Eastview, Saskatoon. I listened to talented people talk about their talents and then argue about candy. It felt good. The only thing that feels right is the road. And writing.

So I found what I love. And it is not what I love because of what it can give to me or what options it offers me, but just because it is what feels right.

Find what you love to do rather than what you think you could settle with for the rest of your life. The world would suck less if we did.

Yes so saddle up your horses now and keep your powder dry
Cause the truth is you won’t be here long
Yeah soon your going to die
To the heart, to the heart there’s no time for you to waste
You wont find your precious answers now by staying in one place
Yeah by giving up the chase

-Frank Turner, The Road