The PW

by Nic Olson

A friend of mine had a day calculator. It was on her cell phone, and it could calculate how many days you’ve been alive, assuming you’ve actually been alive all of those days, and not in some sort of coma or TV trance or at work for all but two weekends of it. It was interesting to know how many days old you were, as opposed to years, which shouldn’t matter anyways. Obviously since you can do such a thing on your phone, you can do it on the internet.

I am 7697 days old as of November 5th. Or approximately,

  • 664,934,400 seconds
  • 11,082,240 minutes
  • 184,704 hours
  • 1099 weeks 

I’m nearly 7700 days old. The day I turn 10000 will be much more impressive than any birthday I’ve had.

This is my 300th blog post. That ain’t bad if I started only 1165 days ago. That is about one every four days, which slays the records of most of my friends that do this. I’ve got that going for me.

Carey Price is 8118 days old as of November 5th. He and I are quite similar, not in age, nor in goalie skill, nor in anything really, except that fact that we’ve both met Taylor Procyshen, who is 7793 days old. Carey has got a lot of heat from the media since he has become the starting goaltender in the city that puts more pressure on the starting goaltender for wins than they do on mafia men for murder. I didn’t watch much of last season to see how it panned out, but with Komisarek bobbling the puck like a two-year old pushing a Fisher Price Corn-Popper, Price didn’t have much of a chance.

He and I have been hit hard for not living up to what we were expected. He and I, only 421 days difference in age, were thrust into the worlds’ eye and judged too harshly by onlookers. He and I have done nothing wrong. It is just an overly critical world judging the young based on previous successes, like Patrick Roy and my father, Wilf. No one can live up to them, ever. Carey and I know that, and we live with it daily.

Maybe I read into it too much, but when I tell people that I work at a discount clothing store, and no I’m not furthering my education through a university, I lose a sliver of respect. Because only the ones contributing to society through manual labour with journeyman in sight, or through higher education are truly making the world a better place. And that sucks.

Not everyone can be the Patrick Wilf of the world. Although we can all try.