Eyesight and Midnight

by Nic Olson

I think I have had every eye disease known to man. I was blind for a day. I have an astigmatism in one or both of my eyes, I forget. I had pink eye last year. Now I have a giant growth on my eyelid, scientifically known as a sty(e). If I knew what cataracts were, I probably had those once. And I think glaucoma is just a disease they use at Optometrist offices to scare kids into eating more carrots.

My friend from highschool, King, had a stye, but we all thought it was a huge pimple growing on his eyelid, and it was terrible, and it was there for two weeks. He is legendary for that, whether he knows it or not, and now that is almost me, minus the giant whitehead. My body is a war-zone right now.

It is twenty three minutes before midnight, this Friday the 13th. This weekend is the last weekend that the local Rainbow Cinemas of the Goldenmile Mall will be showing midnight movies. Some people just don’t see the importance in this. I do, so I’m going to ‘The Informant’ in ten minutes, to pay my respects to one of the last non-bar late night options of leisure in this fair city. I was there yesterday, and said to a friend that I hadn’t been to a movie alone, in this country. So, tonight is the night. I’m saying goodbye, Matt Damon style.

And because of this great loss, I think I am going to move. January 10, 2010, I am going to move to a new city. Because if I can’t watch a movie at midnight for four dollars flat, then this city just doesn’t want me around any more.

Thank you Rainbow Cinemas Midnight Movies for your hours of innocent good times, watching terrible cheesy horrors, terrible romantic comedies, terrible animated cartoons, as the first thing I do at the crack of the new day. I owe you one.