Visions of Greatness

I have been having lots of sports talks with people lately.
Most of the sports talks have been about actual sports. How bad the Leafs are, how well Durant played last week, who is going to win the championship, who’s hotter Carrie Underwood, Hillary Duff or Elisha Cuthbert, all of whom are dating hockey players. I’ve been talking with people who think they know everything about every team and player because they played every sport for at least two years in their life, and the guy next to them is completely clueless because he doesn’t know passion. I have talked about sports with these people.

I have also been having sports conversations with people that don’t like sports and think they are mere distractions. People that believe that passion for a sports team is little more than a high school crush, a hindrance from what should actually be happening, the studies of a student. People who insult sports and people who like sports because they weren’t good enough to participate in elementary school and too good to participate in high school.

I like sports. I stray away from talking about them because I know that opinions in sports are so far from what people want to hear, at least, so far from what I want to hear. Sports writers and analysts get paid six figures to talk about things that everyone knows, and then everyone loves to talk about it further anyways.

But walking home from work last week I had a vision. It was of the Grey Cup. I looked at an SUV and noticed something sticking up from its windows. One was a Riders flag, while I thought the other one was the Grey Cup. It turned out to be another flag. But I’m not taking this vision lightly. I’m taking all of the money I have ($30?) and placing it on Green on November 29th. Let’s see what happens.