Lyrics of the Month – November 2009

by Nic Olson

The world’s on heroin, I’m on strike against all this laziness. I try to go for all, despite all the underachievers, from the government to the drive-thru guy, delayed results with no reasons why. My only guess they must be high. I want to put an end to all of them but I don’t know where to begin, ’cause I’m pretty sure the world’s on heroin. Everybody is standing in my way, I try to use my brain but stupidity is thrown in my face. I’m a coffee guy in a stoner place and the world keeps turning at a turtle’s pace. Get it over with, check into N.A. If i had my way I’d prefer if everyone was on speed. I’m so sick of the no can do and the failures you concede, at any rate from the looks of things everyone’s nodding out but me. The world’s on heroin, too many lazy morons in my face, the world’s on heroin, everybody acts like a zombie. I’m not saying that I’m better than them, I don’t have the kind of time to spend with slacker types trying to be my friend. I want to put an end to all of them but i don’t know where to begin cause I’m pretty sure the world’s on heroin.
-All, World’s on Heroin

Well you know I over-intellectualize
When really what I’m feelin’s a lot of shit inside
But Jesus it’s hard to self-actualize
When you can’t stop thinkin’ about going home
You can’t really ever go home like they say
And if you do it’s all messed up anyway
And besides the shit they tried to tell you back there
Gets in your hair and messes up your head everyday

And that’s why I’m here to tell you that there’s nothin’ left to lose
Except for maybe all the expectations and the blues
And I’ve come to tell you that you’ve nothin’ left to prove
Most especially not to expectation and the blues

Well who’s got it right, and who thinks he’s wrong?
We movin’ too fast, or are we takin’ too long
To find some common values that I can’t seem to locate
No matter where I end up for the week?

It’s a pretty tough call when all you can see
Is numbing government when you look at the TV
And the big business Satan
And cops that would love to take your head off if they had half a chance

My Mormon cousins think I’m nuts, but they’re out of touch
And today I got my finger on the pulse of the monster
Not the biblical stuff or the TV bullshit
But somethin’ deep and real, global and truly ugly

So as I walk out into the sunlight to face the music
And leave the casino behind me in the dark
I know in my heart the things we see around us in the world today are a mess
But it’s not all our fault, so hey…

-Corb Lund, Expectation and the Blues