by Nic Olson

I use a Thesaurus quite often in my writing. I don’t know if that is considered cheating, like a musician constantly referring to chords from other musicians to write new music, or like a carpenter constantly borrowing tools from his coworker, or like a stripper always borrowing her friend’s best pole move. But I do it anyways. I do it because I don’t think I’m naturally a writer, so I use words repetitively like ‘constantly’, ‘beautiful’, ‘terrible’, and ‘things’. This word, ‘things’, is probably my downfall as a human being. I catch myself using this word when I write and can’t come up with a good noun for what I’m talking about. Things like that drive me crazy. I could use that word every sentence with ease, and it tears me up. I use it without even noticing it.

I try to change things up every now and then. I would like a Thesaurus for everyday living. Like a Chicken Noodle Soul book, but of actual, practical ideas and thoughts that would benefit people in real life, not in a hokey inspired-daily-reading life.  Right now I wish I could take a life Thesaurus and find the antonym for cynical and hopeless, and place them in the paragraph of my past month. And don’t try to tell me there already is a piece of literature that can accomplish this, because the last time I checked, every book ever written is either deplorable (thesaurus citation) fiction or over opinionated non-fiction.

Whatever the antonyms for those words would be, it would help me rebound since my formal letter of life resignation. Because I still see things that I want to do, things that need to be done, but I have no motivation because I have no confidence in the human species. And I can’t see confidence gaining anytime soon without a sort of enlightenment, addictive chemical intake or severe memory loss. A thesaurus may be the only way out. A simple switch of attitudes and words to put myself back on that high road to success and off this realistic basement dwelling low.

Synonyms for ‘things’: affair, circumstance, item, everything

Antonyms for ‘cynical’: believing, hopeful, optimistic, trusting, undoubting

Antonyms for ‘hopeless’: auspicious, encouraging, expectant, promising, rosy

I could do that.