by Nic Olson

I’ve been looking for something to give a temporary boost, and I wasn’t in the market for any kind of illicit substance. I wanted a boost of confidence in my view of humans. Religion hasn’t helped. Work hasn’t helped. Music hasn’t helped.

I stumbled upon 20 Something Bloggers. A sort of Facebook specifically for people who write blogs, and are in their twenties, the golden years of life, or is it the silver years, or is it even before that, the years that the rest of your life depends on.  The baby blue years of life. I only know of maybe two people under the age of 29 that consistently write blogs, so it is often discouraging reading old people talk about their families and whatnot, and worrying that everyone that reads my blog is way too mature for my lack of belief.
People who like to write, go on this forum, create a profile, join groups, talk about things, just like any other popular social networking site. I hoped that this forum would offer like-minds, also in their twenties, writing to make a difference, or writing with cynicism, or writing poorly. I haven’t found any of this yet, except poor writing.  There are groups that you can join to talk about certain common interests, and these are all actual examples:

The Shopaholic Group, for people who have the depressing urge to buy shit.
The Overflowing Closet Group, for those with too many clothes, or are about to tell their parents something really serious.
The Twitter Group, for bloggers who like to twitter. That sounds dirty.
The Coffee Addicts Group for those who drink too much of the bitter end of things.
The Pug Love Group, for people that love their face-smashed dogs.
The Teachers Group, for young exuberant minds that plan to brainwash for a living.
The I’m So Annoyed Group, for complainers.
The Fans of Hoarders on A&E, for those who like to feel good about their Shopaholic Group membership.
The Starbucks Junkies Group, for those who drink too much from the bitter end of things, but like to pay for it.
And yes, even a group for Young Breastfeeding Mothers that like to blog about near nipple experiences.

I joined the Montrealers group, because there was only one other member, and I put in a request to join the India Group, because I couldn’t find any other groups that didn’t make me shake my head.

I haven’t found exactly what I’m looking for yet, but I have learned a few things. Most people that use this site are complete morons. I thought that more twenty year olds would actually use such a forum for good, and not evil, but I again misinterpreted what social networking sites are for, even the unpopular ones. I also further learned that the actual idea of blogging is mindless and embarrassing in itself and that the word ‘blog’ gets on my nerves a little bit.

So far, this experiment of youthful proportions has failed.

But I was walking home from work today, my thighs freezing from a lack of long john, and feet sore from walking un-shovelled sidewalks, I came upon a fully scraped and shovelled section of sidewalk. It was in front of a house with the picture window uncovered. I looked in to see a woman decorating a Christmas tree and a man in a green longsleeved shirt preparing supper. I looked in, he looked at me, I nodded, he waved, I waved. And he made my day. I found temporary confidence in a wave and not a networking site. Who would have thought?