by Nic Olson

I’ve completely sold out. I ‘dressed up’ today, in my regular, but washed, black jeans, sans shoelace belt, and new hybrid shirt from the skateshop that is part dress shirt, part ‘rad’ skater shirt. My professional work wardrobe consists of the clothing I already owned before the hire. The clothes that I once believed to be too dressy for regular use, are now not dressy enough for professional call centre use. How things change.

I know employers look at Facebook accounts to rate the integrity of a new or future employee, so I should be in the clear, but my sources have recently indicated that they use blog addresses too, so I guess if I lack the diplomacy required to keep myself out of trouble, I should just stop typing now…

But I feel comfortable with my level of tact, so I’ll keep going.  Today I called people in Pilot Butte asking them if they wanted a free evaluation. I called people in B.C. who didn’t speak English, to see if they realized they deserved rate reductions. I practiced my conversational pseudo-pushiness and confidence in times of pressure. I understood the business and was skeptical of its legitimacy as we talked about tablets and electric Maseratis. Getting rich has never been a concern of mine, but it seems to be an important attribute in this business, in its employees and in the mindset to properly sell. The contrast between scraping greasy cheese off of nacho platters and greasing up innocent entrepreneurs is striking. Mind blowing. With many friends in India who live the call centre life, I am now beginning to understand the interesting and sometimes horrific stories they tell. But I’m excited at the prospect of a new trade.

I listened in to other Customer Service Representatives’ pitches. One man said, ‘dramastically’. I hope I can be more eloquent than that.

Does working here make me a capitalist?

As Eugenio, my dishwashing friend from Mexico whose wife has a Masters in Psychology but is working in a cafeteria, said, ‘No  money, No hunnies.’

Couldn’t be more true. It all makes sense now.