I have pizza change.

by Nic Olson

I just ate at Steve Pizza. It’s not Steve’s Pizza, it is Steve Pizza. I am dizzy and nauseous, completely sober, thanks to my devoutness to the idea that all my spare change should be promised to pizza. The values that are ‘pizza change’.

A struggling ‘human’ moves to a new city. He gets a job with poor pay, late night hours, wet conditions. He then gets a job with improvements in all distinctions. But an institution he does not share values with, about money, honesty and loyalty. He wants to leave, he needs the money. He wants to stay in the city, he needs his morals. What the hell does he do?:
I talked with a man named Ajoy from Alberta, at work, and I heard of a business going bankrupt, in legal battles with giant corporations, struggling for life. Indirectly caused by a free ‘service’ offered by my company. I should’ve quit that day.

The next day, with job termination weighing heavily on the mind, I entered the dark chamber-like cubicles to the relentless thud of GaGa. The same day, some men of the folk (Chuck Ragan, Tim Barry) were scheduled to play to a sold out crowd, so decided to play another show at the neighbouring bar two hours earlier, with only twenty tickets available at the door. I knew this. I knew this when colleagues talked about dance floors and R&B playlists and getting faxes. It was either ‘quit and enjoy’, or ‘work and hate’. I did neither and still got to close my eyes and hear fury and soul scratched out of the throats of punk legends. It was 4pm, and I was going to leave either way, my boss decided I could go before I could self terminate.

I’ve never been swayed by a paycheque before, but I have been swayed by the prospect of not being able to afford living in a place that I want to be able to live in for sometime. So I stayed, and I need to quit. I need to change it. I’d rather be poor and without pizza change than be morally bankrupt. I’d rather be Ajoy himself, than be what caused his plight.

The lady that hired me told me that with my morals I am never going to be able to work at any company in the world.

And the job search re-continues.