Family Day

by Nic Olson

For the past x amount of years that Family Day has existed it has been my favourite holiday. The perfect holiday doesn’t impose beliefs of religion or nationalism. The perfect holiday that has more purpose than a day of labour or a day of turkey. A holiday that is too youthful and too local to have been corrupted by any outside force. I had an entire Family Weekend. Brews and food and hockey. Shared with family. They don’t celebrate Family Day in Quebec, so I called in on Friday, my own personal sick/family day. Then on Friday I got a call from work today telling me that I didn’t have to work on Monday. Double Family Day weekend.

This year, the biggest crock of a ‘holiday’ happened the day before Family day, and was celebrated by millions of pressured losers. You are a republican if you celebrate Valentines Day. That is what I learned this weekend. And tonight at Cinema Politica at Concordia University, I surrounded myself with a hall full of people that were about the furthest thing away from republican as you can get, but they still couldn’t get along. I guess the left wing hates Valentines Day, but they also hate each other.

It seems backwards that stat holidays are created because we don’t get enough days off. That the government creates holidays so that we all don’t lose our mother loving minds. It seems backwards that there must be laws about how much you work and what represents too much work, because although work sucks no matter what it is, the fact that it is bad enough to force the government to regulate how much we do of it seems backwards. We should be working at things we love with people we love. I spend 8 hours a day sitting with people who share no common interests and with people who want to see me ragged on the street (he got fired this morning) and I only get to spend a few hours daily with people I actually like. And we accept this as inevitable. Holidays should feel like chores because we love our jobs so much. Our families should maybe get more than one day a year to be celebrated. Work is work and I’ll do it until I die but that doesn’t mean I’m going to be happy about it. But it also doesn’t mean that I’ll hate my life either.

Cash money. Family Matters. Fam-lintines Day.