Mind Warp.

by Nic Olson

A man wearing a Red Sox hat and Yankees hoody at the same time.

Obama saying, ‘Thank you Satan.’

Cracking a Great Western riding alone on the city bus. It wasn’t me.

Seeing who can ride down a tube of ice on a sled, head first, the fastest.

The peculiarity of human beings waiting at a bus stop or metro station, having the idea that constantly looking down the street or tunnel will make the bus or train arrive sooner. Will slow down time. Will delay the inevitability of lateness.

The newness of Google Buzz. I want to join it so that I can be the person sending constant emails saying, ‘Nic has invited you to join Google Buzz! Check it out now!’ and feel like I’m ahead of the game while everyone deletes their Facebook accounts and shifts their lives to a new network of communication.

The peculiarity of human beings waiting on the main floor for an elevator going up. When the light ‘ding’ sound is heard and everyone’s necks jerk up and eyes dart, looking for the green arrow, and bodies funnel into the small steel box, and no one says a word because the office life has taken the pleasantness out of simple pleasures like elevators.

The idea that giant companies that are run by banks which are giant companies, still see it necessary to take complete advantage of small business and regular human beings, and do so completely legally. And the the fact that the idea of fair business is something that has to be worked for and not something that is common place and natural.

I’ve enjoyed month number one of life number two. Or possibly life number three or four. Each time you move, it’s a new life I think. I enjoy watching people, and the way things are done in a city or in a different person’s life. And as you can see from my above observations, that there has been ample amounts of observing. And sufficient amounts of life wisdom gained. And more than enough public transit time spent. Basically everything I’ve done here has been completely brand new and original which is maybe inevitable in a new city. After over a month of life, two jobs quit (almost), an old lady, a visit from those out west, two months of rent, thousands of dollars in groceries, and millions of seconds watching humans act like people, I am happy I’m here. But am excited for the next steps.

The world is a mind warp.