Centre of the Universe.

by Nic Olson

Somehow, by accident, we ended up in the centre of the universe. Where everything is happening, at all times. Where you can do anything you ever wanted, all within an hour subway ride. Somehow we ended up in NYC. Cancelled show, three hour drive. Business, culture, politics, anything and everything of power, photosynthesize in the artificial lights of the city. Sitting in Time Square I realized that this is the root of all evil, but it sure is nice. Sitting in Brooklyn drinking a Brooklyn Brewery Pennant Ale I realized that this is the birthplace of all things nice, but it sure is evil. Altogether the biggest feeling place I’ve ever been, to be sure, and the most on edge I’ve felt in some time. Like a giant amusement park for the spenders of money, the watchers of people and the thinkers of men.

And in a few short hours, back to reality, if that is what you consider reality: driving, loading, selling, in places that are far from the centre of the universe, but matter no less.

A single day in this city has imploded my mind, a week might send me to hell.