by Nic Olson

I didn’t spend a dollar in five full days. Or more, I wasn’t really keeping track, I just noted that I still had my $5 bill and my $20 bill cuddling and still intact in my wallet. It is not easy, walking by pizza places on the reg, seeing new restaurants near my new house that I want to experience. I ate what little provisions I had left over from last month, bought a green pepper and made a bag of onions go a really long way. And still going.

My new job gives me a healthy 16-hour minimum/maximum of work per week. And the older workers curse the company for hiring fresh meat, available hours are only getting less. Today my shift got cut by four hours during the shift itself. Good start.

I needed bread for sandwiches, for work, and for sustenance. I bought some from Beaubien Bagel near my house. In lieu of my cut shift, I bought the oldest loaf of bread they had, 50% off. And in a moment of splurge I bought a single seventy-cent sesame seed bagel, a luxury beyond anything I’ve seen in a while. It was the epitome of my return home in a single ring shaped, sesame sprinkled dense bread.

I have no lightbulb in my room. Lightbulbs are a luxury.

I am back into the working culture, being shipped in tubes underground, half-dazed and half depressed. Living like a king while unemployed, living like I’m homeless when I get a job. The system seems backwards. Hail the working class.