Compost and You!

by Nic Olson

To make a new compost bin, all you need is the following*:

-old food
-old pieces of wood on the side of the street that look like they could fashion a steady compost bin

*For real instructions for how to make a compost bin, go to a blog that has an actual purpose.

At my new place we have a backyard that costs each of us about twenty dollars a month for its use. There isn’t much back there, tall grass, a fence, some sort of tree, a legitimate compost bin that we aren’t allowed to use because its previous owner wants to wait for all of the food inside to fully compost so that she can take it to her new composting mansion, and a hammock that is too short for me. But each garbage day I find a new and great addition to make our house a home. Patio furniture for the self standing hammock, shelves for a compost bin, a lid for the compost bin, compost for the compost bin. Last night at SeaBass’ Birthday Bash our upstairs neighbour who pitches twenty dollars for the rights to the backyard told me that I look less like a hippy than he thought I would. I learned to compost and recycle before it was essential to the future existence of our planet, thanks mom and dad!

I could relate this all with a paragraph about the decaying of society that is contained in a small trash-fashioned box in the backyard of the universe. Or how my current life is like that compost bin, eating scraps, made of trash and slowly wilting away. But that would be forced. I’ll just let you revel in my creation that is saving the world. No big deal.