The Libertine

by Nic Olson

I have been relying on the words of other writers, philosophers, intellectuals and musicians a lot lately, because my recent ability to display eloquence has been non-existent, and my mind has produced no ideas worth sharing that are my own, or are fresh or relevant.

Any experiment of interest in life will be carried out at your own expense. Mark it, well…

I watched The Libertine yesterday. A Johnny Depp film that I’ve been meaning to watch for the past five years. I felt that it was one of his finest performances, with a script that was actually interesting, considering it was set in 17th century Britain, which I could care less about. Johnny Depp was The Earl of Rochester named John Wilmot, who died of syphilis at the age of 33. Every man’s dream. These are some of his words.

I do not mean to upset people, Alcock, but I have to speak my mind because what is in my mind is always more interesting that what is happening in the world outside my mind…

All men would be cowards if they only had the courage.

John Malkovich as King Charles II said:

Anyone can oppose, it is fun to be against things. But there’s a time when you have to start being for things as well.

And probably the most profound, Rainn Wilson as Robert Fishman in The Rocker.

I tried growing up, OK,  for twenty years. I tried it. I hated every moment of it. I’m not going back to that.

I’m not sure if it is because of exhaustion due to my body eating itself away, complete submission to the will of the world, an advanced form of slothfulness, or just a five month long writers block, but the creative part of my brain was the first to go in the wet Quebec air. Maybe my brain is waiting to unleash something ferocious. Either that or it is turning into porridge in my skull. At least I’ll have breakfast for next week..