by Nic Olson

A week is about the maximum length of absence I could have from WordPress until I start to feel like I am letting myself down. My mind has been swirling from visits and revisits of friends here in the homeland, the summer blockbuster ‘Inception’ and the dreams that have followed, and a previously unknown midday fatigue that hits me after my midday meal. I am in a mindset I have not previously been in, thinking is more than it should be, and verbally explaining these thoughts is even more laborious.

I’ve never been the man who only gets to visit his own city for short periods of time, needing to jam in friendly hellos and goodbyes together in one visit. Usually the hellos are well spread from the goodbyes and the relationships have time to mend, after I leave everything behind. But the friendships where you can start exactly from where you left six months ago, they are the ones that count.

I believe in signs. And I’ve had no signs lately. No signs that I should be here. No signs that I should be there. No signs of anything, except signs of a possible stroke, and a possible quick end to a young life. If Cirque Du Soleil doesn’t cause my heart to stop, I don’t know what will.

That’s about it.