Lyric of the Month: August 2010 – Greg MacPherson

by Nic Olson

Big Skies
I just got back again from where I’ve been
It seems like things have changed
It’s not that anything here got better or disappeared
Something just feels strained

Maybe it’s me; you know I’ve lived on nothing
Had a long run on my own
This time last year I thought that I was losing
I guess maybe I was

I missed the dirt and the backwards time
The sound of metal and the big skies
The feeling of knowing and not where you’re going

I just pulled back into town from a long time gone
Nothing here feels at all the same to me
Not the smell of the river or the burning fields
Or the ghost of something old, down all the streets

Maybe I’m just wearing out from all the work I’ve done
Or maybe its just time I settled down
Maybe I finally lost whatever it was that made me run
And maybe there’s a life here in this town

The way you’re looking at me…
You never know who you’ll turn out to be until you get there
All along some part of me might have been wrong but I never noticed

Greg MacPherson – Mr. Invitation