Unfit for human habitation

by Nic Olson

‘There have been reports of stray dogs, stagnant water, workers urinating in public, and human feces being found at the unfinished village where the athletes will live.’

…Indian officials defended their record.

“Please try to understand … They want certain standards of hygiene, they want certain standards of cleanliness, which may differ from my standard,” said Lalit Bhanot, spokesman of the Delhi organizing committee.

-courtesy of Yahoo! News

I love this quote.

I have several problems with the world, as you may well have noticed. I don’t know what to do with them, as you also may well have noticed. The celebration of the past, current and future oppression of the British Empire in a sporting event, the Commonwealth Games, is one of those things. Had they known what the Empire has been reduced to today, I believe those who were oppressed by the Empire in the past would be saying something like this: ‘If I would have known that their plot to take over the world was actually aimed at a future sporting event of exclusivity, then I would’ve totally seen what they were trying to achieve, rolled over and let them use my culture as a stepping stone to greatness.’

My standard of hygiene differs greatly from that of my mother, but it doesn’t mean we couldn’t live together for twenty years. If shit on the ground is a health concern enough to make them shut down an international competition, then they better close down two thirds of the earth, as well as all the homes of those with children under two years old. Poop flies everywhere.

And as usual, as the country falls apart, as trains crash and people drown mere miles away, we worry about if snobby amateur athletes are seeing locals pee in the alleyway, or seeing a dog run across the street. I truly hope that all the athletes can triumph over their impossible living situations for the five days that they compete in the most important of world events. If our Canadian athletes can survive stagnant water and unpainted dorms, then they will come home champions even if there is nothing hanging around their necks. True world champions.
God save the Queen.