Retribution for a World Lost in Screens

by Nic Olson

But hope is not about a belief in progress. Hope is about protecting simple human decency and demanding justice. Hope is the belief, not necessarily grounded in the tangible, that those whose greed, stupidity and complacency have allowed us to be driven over a cliff shall one day be brought down. Hope is about existing in a perpetual state of rebellion, a constant antagonism to all centers of power.

-Chris Hedges

Essays are good because they are short. If I printed this out and sent it via mail, it might actually be read with attention. But I won’t. But this article, essay, editorial or whatever it is, is far more interesting than whatever else you do on the internet. Like read my blog. And since I can’t offer it here, I can at least link you to a page with something worth reading.

Finally an article with a reference to Facebook that is worth reading. It is a sad that I had to plug that webpage to get anyone mildly interested. Makes the article more true than ever.

It [mass entertainment] forms us into a lowing and compliant herd. We have been conditioned to believe—defying all the great moral and philosophical writers from Socrates to Orwell—that the aim of life is not to understand but to be entertained. If we do not shake ourselves awake from our electronic hallucinations and defy the elites who are ruining the country and trashing the planet we will experience the awful and deadly retribution of the gods.

Please read this article.