The Municipality of Dave, Manitoba

by Nic Olson

Don’t know where you want to raise your family? What about the family after that one? Is the city too filled with bedbugs and ethnic food, but most small towns not exclusive enough? We understand. Dave welcomes you! (if you pass the screening process).

Dave is a small heart-filled town in the northwest of Manitoba. Founded in November 2010 by several revolutionaries who envisioned a new sustainable place to call home, chin-deep in culture and character.

I invite you to consider purchasing a prestigious piece of land in the growing community, but do so quickly, as there are very limited properties and a very strict application process. We want to start a brand new community based on the principles of veganism, carnivorism, and hockey.

Town updates, law changes, cultural events and photos will be posted often on the Dave, Manitoba Website.

Thus far the City Council is composed of the following people:

Eric Goud – Architectural Design, Artistic Direction, Advertising and Word Play
Pat Rota – Treasurer, Factory Owner
Nicholas Olson – Journalist, Soy-Milkman
Courtney Boe – Mayor, Barmaid
Jacynthe Vaillancourt – International Relations, Crepe Chef

See you in Dave!