48 Hour Social Protest.

by Nic Olson

Forty-eight straight hours sitting on my ass is no different than usual, but people seem think that it will be hell. Several have told me I am stupid and should have just taken a plane. A padded seat, huge windows with views of the picturesque Northern Ontario on a hopefully heated bus. How could this be bad?

Right now I am looking forward to the bus ride more than I am looking forward to Christmas, or even arriving home, although the second of those two will be a treat. My last 24+ hour bus ride was a special time, which included making friends traveling to Schenectady and Plattsburgh and from there on, streaming a playoff hockey game with the bus wireless internet. Although Sudbury to Regina may show me a new and horrendous side of the country that my parents never showed me for a good reason, I can’t wait to sit on my ass and watch it ride by.

A long while back I decided that I wanted to boycott domestic flights for taking advantage of the world’s second largest landmass, gouging us with ‘seat sales’ that rival international flight prices. I never got very far in my boycott, but this could very well be the start. I will, however, fail my boycott two and a half weeks later when I fly back to Montreal. For reference reasons these are other things I have boycotted: BestBuy, Kleenex or any other nose tissue brand, Blackberry and any other cell phone company, the nation of England, Kokanee, Tim Hortons, hair salons, boxer briefs, etc.

I will be tempted in several of my boycotts throughout my trip home, including Tim Hortons during my 3 hour layover in the Winnipeg Bus Terminal. I believe that Tim Hortons is the only restaurant in the province of Manitoba now, but I will be equipped with a half dozen of the world’s best bagels from Beaubien.

The protest begins Tuesday night, and will end with bed sores from the fuzzy bus seats. It will be progress.