Albums of the Year: 2010

by Nic Olson

Several albums this year likely changed my life. This is the soundtrack to my life as a makeshift Frenchman. I have known for several months now some albums that would make this list, and you could have seen them on my Music page. Number Three was released before 2010, but was pretty influential in my year as a human. Number Five was released years ago also. Only two are rock and roll albums. I’ve gone soft. But check them out, they are likeable by all.

1. Continuance – Carry Ourselves
2. Greg MacPherson – Mr. Invitation
3. Tim Barry – 28th & Stonewall
4. The Mag Seven – Black Feathers EP
5. Eddie Vedder – Into the Wild Soundtrack
6. Johnny Cash – American VI: Ain’t No Grave
7. Crime In Stereo – I Was Trying To Describe You To Someone

Make one yourself. Do what I couldn’t and make an actual top ten. This music changed my year for the better. I hope there was a few that did the same for you.