Screen Shots

by Nic Olson

In an effort to document the hours I spend on my computer I began to compile a folder of screenshots. The brilliant idea stemmed from Skype sessions I wanted to remember, but since passing the one year mark and reaching the stage of ‘too gone to remember’, my screen shots have made the transition from community Skype conversations into a sole man’s streaming sports events and television shows. On a Mac the default screen shot buttons are Command-Shift-3, I believe, but I changed the default to Command-F5 for quick screenshot access. Because you never know.

It is nice to be able to go back and see what moments I enjoyed by myself in front of my own personal screen. It is nice to have a documented means of realizing an addiction. Like a wallet full of cigarette receipts or a backyard shed full of faded empties. It is in this realization that I created for myself twenty four hours without screens. How much more productive and creative a mind can be when sounds are not made, light does not emit and books are properly read.

But I still press on.

If you can name all the movies, games or people I’ll buy you a beer, pack of smokes, new TV, Scrabble board or whatever you are addicted to. I hope your addiction isn’t million dollar hookers.