Lyric of the Month: April 2011 – Northcote

by Nic Olson

They you gotta shoot so low,
That way you’ll never be let down,
But I’m already here with a little crowd gathered ’round.
They say you gotta get a good night sleep.
Yeah, you gotta fall down deep,
But I’m wide awake and my hands are shaking.

You’re friends help you hang the mirror on the wall
Says who’s the most honest of them all,
Who’s in a trap, and who’s just following their heart.

And part of me thinks that it’s all about timing,
You get off here or you wait in line.
Paying bills for your baby,
And sleeping on a living room floor.

But a place is not a home.
A place is not a home.
Cause some people have your heart, and the wind’s got your soul,
But a place is not a home.

– Northcote, Gather No Dust, Not A Home