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A Love Hat Relationship

The Hat Farm, a collection of vintage hats sold as a fundraiser for Carmichael Outreach and other local initiatives, created a coffee-table photography book.
72 full colour pages, 8×8″

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Tour Book

Attempting to understand privilege while selling t-shirts and driving with Northcote and Andy Shauf between June 2016 and May 2017.

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Book One

1. That’s My Team (essay)
2. A Brief Interaction
3. He Named It Alex
4. The Boy Who Hissed At Geese

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Regina, SK
Norwood Shop (2401-11th Avenue)


The Adirondack Haystack Still Floats

The Adirondack Haystack Still Floats shares the inventive stories of twelve human beings who were scattered throughout North America like chickenfeed, landing only in the neighbourhoods with Greyhound Bus service. In their own way, each character is a reminder that the blue-collar social class is the one upon all of our values were founded, and in their peculiar ways of surviving suggest that they shouldn’t be considered the mediocre at all.

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Regina, SK
Norwood Shop (2401-11th Avenue)

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To Call Them To Wander

To Call Them To Wander is a 120-page study in skepticism, self-education, discovery, selflessness and nomadism. It is a search for meaning in a generation that lacks purpose. Thirty-six suggestions written directly to this generation characterized as restless and discontent, all directly connected to the single greatest idea, that purpose could be gained in learning what it means to wander. The collection of short essays was written over a five year period of dead-end jobs and unending travels.

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