Sold, to the lady in the back.

by Nic Olson

I’ve been home for a few days now, and things are swell.

Some things I missed from home:

-doorknobs. they seriously don’t have these in India. I know, how the heck does that work? But somehow it does.
-internet and electricity.
-friends and the fam. but that is a given.
-tacos.. crap, those are good.
-Angel Sombrutski.
-Hockey. i can’t express that one with words, only a sound that goes like this, ‘Ahhhhoohhhhhhman…ahhhyeahbaby.’

Some things I miss from India:

-sleep. changing sleep schedules is awful. i feel like i was run over by a steamroller and the peed on by a cat with West Nile virus.
-rice. although there is rice in Canada, i know it will never be the same.
-that fact that it was not freezing cold Sasky
-the peeps

Some things I’m excited for:
-Pirates 3. i’m predicting an epic classic.
-The OC season 4 on dvd.. ohhh yeah.

Now if I only knew what I was doing in two weeks, or even in two days. I figured I’d start a bidding war for my summer destination. Yk, R-dot, Cowtown.. Where should I go? If you want me to come to your city, or avoid your city, let me know, it may help in the decision making process. Let the bidding war begin. I hear a wolverine infested cottage, do I hear a ‘live at home for free all summer’? Going once, going twice…