by Nic Olson

Apparently the US border guards don’t like unemployed Canadians traveling to the US with no return flight, no address of arrival, not wearing a suit. Even air travel bullies citizens into careers and family, but  that is what you get for traveling by airplane; I have been indirectly placed into my class. Customs sent me to level two security. Questions were asked, truths were shared. He thought I did drugs because a head cold and a few sniffles. He checked my bank account, to verify I had the amount I said I did (that can’t be legal). He informed me that it is illegal to work for free, selling an American band’s t-shirts in America. Could be deported. Borders are the definition of fear.

Western world air travel is the best explanation of where we are. Fear and protection from the institutions we’ve created ourselves. Borders, beliefs, religions, of which there is no real danger, nor is there any real necessity. If anything, we need protection from the process of human civilization and advancement, which causes us to tense up (like anyone would with a stick up the ass) in order to progress towards a completely backwards paradise. If this is civilization or any sort of advancing higher society, leave me under the rubble.

I hope the recession pans out and eats us alive. We deserve nothing less.

I love the border.