by Nic Olson

I watch several movies a week. There are some amazing websites that have revolutionized how movies are distributed, and I plan to take full advantage of them so that millionaire filmmakers and actors get only my minimal amount of tax dollars that is inevitably filtered unto them because we should know by now that the difference between any sort of media and the government and companies that produce your daily ‘essentials’ like toothbrushes and deodorant, is none.

I watched ‘Antichrist‘ last night. If you are into semi-pornographic obscure-as-hell horror movies, and Willem Dafoe, I would recommend it highly.

I watched ‘Exit Through The Gift Shop‘ tonight. If you are into documentaries, street art, mystery and weird people, I would recommend it highly. If you don’t like British men with concealed faces and altered voices, or huge mutton chops on men with French accents, I would not recommend it at all.

I watched ‘Curling‘ last week, but I paid for this one in theatres. If you are into Quebecois men with moustaches in the winter who work at bowling alleys and motels, I would recommend it highly.

I didn’t understand these movies, two of them at least, and the other I understood to be a story of art, which I also don’t understand.

In French class today I had to express the devastation of half a million Riders fans, in a language I suck at more than this one. No one understood, and it wasn’t my French that was the cause.

A friend was telling me how he missed his family, and how he moved here from really far away for reasons he couldn’t quite explain. I said, like anyone would say when someone is pining, that I understood. He assured me that I didn’t.

I will likely never understand art, all the forms of it, the inspirations behind it, and the business side of it, and who decides what is good.
I will never understand economics or markets, nor will I ever want to.
My classmates will never understand a real football team, no matter how hard I try to explain in broken French.
I will never understand human beings, and their nature, and the things they do, and the reasons behind the things they do.

Rule. The things we don’t understand are not stupid, and nor are we for not understanding them. We are stupid when we hate the things we don’t understand. Enjoying things we don’t understand makes us better, less ignorant people. And we should do it more often.

It is possible to enjoy something you don’t understand. All it takes is patience, tolerance and open eyes. I enjoyed writing this, for example.