by Nic Olson

yeah, its that season.. i have one more tomorrow, and then another in a week or two.. i am done 3 so far, and they all went pretty bad. and i’m not just saying that. but i’m not stressed out about it. i’m pretty good at not stressing out about things, like midterms, and other things…

my reward list for studying, even though i may not have studied as much as i should have, goes like this:

friday: sitting in the basement alone playing nintendo. fantastic!
saturday: sleeping in, featuring a hockey game.
sunday: hatebreed. yeah, neat.
monday: soccer, it might be sunday, but if so, i might have to skip.
tuesday: the oc season 3 out on dvd

so, i’m feeling pretty good for those reasons. studying chem tonight, i learned two very important things, that my teacher in grade 12 taught me, and i added onto a bit.

God loves a cheerful giver, so God loves metal, and God loves acid.

God loves metal! so do i! however, i’ve never tried acid, since God loves it, i better give it a shot.