lucky number slevin.

by Nic Olson

i watched this movie tonight, and i enjoyed it. but i’m not sure why.

i bet part of it was that it had lucy liu in it.. and she is smoking hot.
i bet part of the reason i liked it was because it was well written, with the twists and turns that make a good movie good.
i bet part of it was that it was a bit different than lots of movies, and something about that appealed to me.

but, thinking about it, i think the reason i enjoyed it, was that it was a movie about revenge. i have seen quite a few movies with this same topic, like man on fire, sin city, and other such movies, and enjoyed them equally as much. and although these are all movies, well written, and a bit different than lots of movies, they all deal with that revenge thing.

what is it about revenge that is so appealing? is it that revenge is something that i probably shouldn’t do, or even think about? or is it that revenge is something that will get you in deeper than you wanted.. i know that revenge on my level obviously won’t be avenging the death of someone close to me, but is still there, like it or not..

i think that the feeling of desired revenge is something that everyone feels but that everyone handles it in their own way. some people may get revenge by doing something equally as painful or worse than what was done to them. i think some people get revenge secretly, whether this is spreading lies, or quietly ignoring. and i think some people take these feelings and swallow them down with a good sip of coke and a clench of the fists.

i dont know about everyone else, but these movies appeal to me, because it is an extreme of something that i feel, something i can relate to. sad as it may be.

let’s go watch some hockey.