by Nic Olson

this topic makes me feel good and bad, at the same time.

this weekend, old friend Tyler Butel is in town.. he is sleeping in my basement as we speak. he’s here for 2 more days, playing some hockey, eating some food, hopefully shooting off some fireworks. seeing him last night for the first time in 3 months was a good thing. before that three months, it was a long time though.. him in oklahoma, me in regina, i see him less than i did when he lived in oman, which is a heck of a lot further away then oklahoma, or calgary. but seeing him, brought up a certain feeling, one that i cannot really describe. when you see someone you haven’t seen in a long time, it feels right.

i miss quite a few people, and sometimes thinking about it even sucks. i miss my friend seong bin lee. i spent every day of grade 12 with this guy, eating lunch, every class together, driving around. saying goodbye to him was the hardest goodbye i’ve ever said to anyone.. probably because i wasn’t sure if i would ever see him again.. he is now in ontario, going to school to be a billionaire, because he’s a genius. i miss him the most.

saying goodbye to bin was not fun. i didn’t enjoy it.. i am a firm believer in saying goodbyes, even if you will see that person in 19 minutes.. if you won’t see the person for much longer, a goodbye is very necessary, or else, you leave it all up in the air, and it doesn’t feel complete.

i miss lots of other people too. but with him, there was that chance i’d never see him again, that makes it much more real.. i miss eric g, face and kurtis, just to name a few, but i am fairly sure that i will see them again. i hope so anyways.

well, this being said, to all those people i haven’t seen in more than a month, i miss you. everyone else, wait a month, and i might care about you.. we’ll see.