Working the Bod.

by Nic Olson

Do you ever get so mad, not at yourself but just things in general, that you start hitting yourself?

I do. And I’m sure it is not healthy. But it just happens sometimes. For me, it has been a fairly new and recent technique to handle stress, and has seemed to work alright. Usually, it is just a swift punch to the thigh, that gives a strong cut of pain for a short amount of time. These have been happening increasingly as decisions pile up, and the to do list grows. I’ve never been much of a decision maker, or a do-er. I’m usually very mellowed out (which is the best way to go) and I just let things happen. When I am faced with a decision, or a pile of things to do, I often take it with a shrug and a “Let’s kick it, chill style” attitude. But when decisions get difficult enough, all I can do to help the emotional struggle is to physically struggle too. It is better than punching things, bruises are much cooler than paying for a hole in the wall.

So, give it a shot! Punch yourself! Give yourself a bruise, black eye or bloody nose! It is the newest thing in stress relief!