down with flickr.

by Nic Olson

if you haven’t noticed, i threw a picture thing on the top of my blog, because that was the place it fit best. let me know if it works, and if it looks good at all. the computer here it works and looks alright, but really, the ones that matter are yours. so, let me know if it looks alright, and if you can see it working.

i don’t know everyone’s big deal with flickr. maybe i haven’t researched it very well, but i think its kinda bogus. it seems unorganized and you can only upload a limited amount of pictures a month. mine, as featured on the top of my blog, and as a link on the side, has no limit of pictures, that i have found, as well as the same fancy stuff flickr has. along with this, it seems more organized. i know that 90% of the people that read this use flickr, so, if i am missing something let me know.. but either way, check out my photos. i will try and update them as much as possible.