The Dangers of Travel.

by Nic Olson

I haven’t been plagued at all, throughout my time here, but it seems that everyone else around me has. A vicious cold, a day ruining flu, a hand burning fever, and about all the other things you could think of, have taken over many people. Andrew and Autumn seem to be sick everyday, sometimes they are actually being sincere, but usually, they just don’t like their teacher and don’t want to go to school. I have no sympathy to show, so I send them to their grandma.

The other day I killed a mosquito on my arm, and I’m sure it had malaria. I slapped it, and instead of a nice clean mosquito kill, or one with a good red blood colour, it was all brown, gooey and almost slimy. If that wasn’t malaria, I don’t know what it was. The bird flu perhaps. I was that close to getting the dreaded killer of the west. West Nile Virus is like two steps down from malaria on Nic’s ‘Things that will kill you slowly’ list, and I’m pretty sure I got West Nile one summer, but defeated it in a courageous display of strength. Turns out that I defeated West Nile’s older brother too. Those mosquito born viruses have got nothing on this guy. Oh, man…. Knock on wood.

Immune system like a young stallion, I have got. You can work me and work me all day, but I still come out on top.

There have also been a few hospital visits since I have been here. Yesterday, scary event, one of the college guys fell off the roof, down to the ground, about 25 feet down. All the guys were up there cleaning off the roof, including me. He broke his arm in two places, had to go to surgery, and stayed in the hospital last night, and maybe for a few more nights. I watched it happen, and I was helpless, all I could do was watch, and when he was laying on the ground below, all I could do was look.

India is a dangerous place. I am now a regular Tarzan.. Tree to tree, vine to vine, baby.