Meet an Indian

by Nic Olson

Here’s a few short introductions of some of guys here that I live with, hopefully to give you a better idea of the great people of India.

This guy is Bidyut, pronounced something like Beed-yoot, or quickly, Beedoot. He’s the weirdest guy I’ve met so far, but is pretty hilarious to be around. He always hugs and tries to hold hands. He calls me ‘my dear’, salutes me every now and then, and eats more rice than I thought was possible. He and I are tight. One time I jokingly told him to be quiet while someone was talking, then he proceeded to sing ‘Silent Night, Silent Jesus’ a beautiful song, you can be sure.

This guy is Mahindra. There are many trucks here called Mahendra, but I guess here is no relation. He sometimes reminds me of Al Pacino, with less swears and shooting people, and a bit more pleasant, but there is something. He studies very hard, practices his typing and reads often, but still balances all that out by playing football and carim with the guys. He has a great sense of humour, one like mine, so you know it’s good. Pretty sweet dude.

The one of the right is Hratchung, pronounced Ratch-OOng. He has kinda reminded me of Nathan T. the dude that lived in the basement for a while, and I guess I have a few reasons. I might be crazy, but I think he looks like him, and I think he kinda acts like him, and he is often trying to set me up with one of 4 girls, like Nathan always did. He also loves the Backstreet Boys, something Nathan loved. He came into my room one day with ‘I want it that way’ ready to play on his jumpdrive. I laughed for hours. He is a National Bible College graduate (so the guys here call him Billy Graham), and wants to move to Korea to hit up the CofC School there. He’s about 27 or so, used to teach school, and is now becoming a preacher. That teacher preacher combo is usually pretty unstoppable. Just look at Ray. Unstoppable.

These are just three of the guys I’ve hung out with. I’ll put up some more intros to other guys someday, whenever i have something funny to say about them.