Trade Deadline

by Nic Olson

Today at lunch I said how this trade deadline has been boring, and something like a chick flick, tame and predictable.

Not the case. 
If you don’t know what I’m talking about, move to Canada.
Huet to Washington for a bag of pucks? But I can read the headlines for this June already. ‘Price Leads Canadiens to Triumphant Stanley Cup Victory’
Go HERE for the best analysis of what went down. Other than Jay Onrait, TSN has the worst analysis since the grade five science fair. John Ferguson Jr. and Mike Milbury? Backed by Pierre McGuire and sometimes Bobby Clarke? If you want the opinions of the two worst GM’s in the history of the NHL and some honourable mentions, go to TSN. (Totally Sweet Ninjas) Buncha deadbeats.